Coaching Summit 2012



On May 18-20, the PSPL will present the first weekend seminar devoted to helping you to raise your game!

NSCAA Hall of Famer Tony DiCicco is headlining three days of field sessions, workshops and panel discussions that aim to inform, teach and celebrate youth soccer coaching in the Northwest.

Other national names: Jeff Tipping, Walid Khoury, Tony Waiters, Lesle Gallimore, Peter Fewing.

The Summit will be open to all coaches who want to take their game the art and craft of youth coaching to the next level. The theme of the three days will focus on "how coaches can raise their game to help American youth players get better."

We hope to find the answers – and much more – at the Northwest’s first-ever Coaching Summit. We view it as a celebration of soccer and coaching, and as a moment to exchange ideas, methods and stories.

There will be something for everyone -- from high-level field sessions, panel discussions, to earning your NSCAA Level II license.

This is an opportunity for all soccer coaches to unite over what matters most -- helping young players get better and spreading the passion of soccer to everyone!


Summit Facts

Three days of field sessions, workshops and panel discussions with top national, regional and and local coaches all designed to help the youth coach elevate his game.

     May 18-20 at Starfire in Tukwila
     Cost: $200 per coach. 
     Top coaches include: Tony DiCicco, Tony Waiters, Walid Khoury, Lesle Gallimore, Simon Nee, Jeff Tipping, Alex Weaver, John Saunders, Pete Fewing, and many more.
     Youth coaches also can earn their NSCAA Level II license during the summit.
     Stay tuned for more information as this page will be updated regularly.


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Registration for Coaching Summit
Early Registration Non-PSPL Coach $200.00 USDEarly Registration PSPL Coach $200.00 USD