Return to Play
Let's make it a safe re-opening

Re-signing Players

  • May is about connecting with your players during this pandemic crisis.
  • May is also about re-signing your current players and finding a way to sign new players.
  • If clubs have not re-signed their current players by May 10, they are free agents and can sign with any PSPL club. 


Financial Planning: For Now & Beyond

  • Clubs should consider flexible payment plans, pro-rated monthly fees, credit or scholarships.
  • Clubs should establish  some kind of fee and/or payment plan for the 2020-2021 season. 
  • Having a financial plan is key – including SBA loans, fed subsidies, etc. 
  • Player cuts should be discouraged. 


Open Tryout Period

  • Open tryout period will end Aug 16. 

  • During this time, teams can recruit all players who did not re-sign.

  • All unsigned players will be considered free agents and can work out and sign with any club. ​​​​​​​